I learn about and celebrate the special people and places in North American wine country that lead to delicious and distinctive wines that are unlike any other in the world.

Launched in late 2021, Press Fraction is a natural evolution for me. For more than a decade, my New York Cork Report was focused almost exclusively on New York’s wine industry and community. In 2016, I launched The Cork Report to expand to all of North America, save California, Oregon, and Washington – not because there aren’t incredible wines from those places, but because their coverage is ubiquitous.

I’m a champion but I’m are also honest and sometimes critical. Simply being “local” isn’t good enough. I am obsessed with the idea that if the right grapes are grown in the right place by the right people and are then handled the right way in the cellar the resulting wines can be great, regardless of region.

I’ve tasted it time and time again.

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Over the course of the almost 20 years that I’ve been writing about regional wines, I’ve made many relationships – both with folks in the industry and with my readers. This newsletter is just an expansion of that. Moving away from a public blog will enable me to move beyond my previous goal of trying to cover East Coast wine in a comprehensive, taste-every-wine to focus directly on the best wines and telling the best stories.

Join me as we explore together.

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Since early 2000s my primary interests have been German Riesling and Italian red wines. Since then, I have come to know and appreciate the wines and winemakers of New York state. These days, I am usually following Lenn around, with my Nikon in tow.